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The HSR Second Request Survey – Benchmark Your Antitrust Savviness


HSR Second Requests are typically large, arduous matters that take an enormous amount of time and resources. They can be unforgiving and demanding, but the challenges of an HSR Second Request can be reduced with the right combination of expertise and technology usage.   


Take this short survey to benchmark your team’s HSR Second Request preparedness. Whether your HSR preparedness still has room to improve, or is already advanced, the results of this survey will reveal next steps on how to continue your program’s success.




Fully Prepared (87.5% - 100%) – You are at the top of your game and are well prepared for your next HSR Second Request. One additional tactic to take your approach to the next level is to partner with your ediscovery vendor to identify additional areas where you might be able to drive automation and leverage innovation.


Mostly Prepared (50% - 87.4%) – You are leveraging quite a bit when it comes HSR Second Requests, but have a bit more room to grow. These case studies can help you further understand how to leverage technology and expertise to strengthen your team’s antitrust approach:

Somewhat Prepared (12.5 – 49%) – You have the basics down when it comes to preparing for an HSR Second Request, but you still have plenty of room to grow your program. These resources can help you further expand your understanding of the landscape and what can be done. Check them out here: 

Not Prepared (0%) – You have lots of room to grow. Start a discussion with your team about your company's overall HSR Second Request process and look into how you can better prepare by reviewing this short blog article below. After a few months, take the survey again and see where you stack up. 

Thank you for taking the survey! If you have questions or want to discuss the above with a team member, reach out to us at


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