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Prevent IP Theft During a COVID RIF – Don’t Let Your Trade Secrets Depart with Employees

COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on business, and organizations are increasingly resorting to reductions in force (RIF) to survive. Departing employees will be looking for new employers in a competitive job market, where the resulting unemployment rate could be worse than the Great Depression. In this webinar recording, Jerry Bui, Executive Director of Digital Forensics at Lighthouse, shares tactics that disgruntled employees use to misappropriate confidential and proprietary information upon departure, gain a leg up during the job search process with competitors, and wreak havoc as they’re walking out the door. Attendees will learn best practices for mitigating these common departing employee risks and other proactive ways that a departing employee program can be strengthened in light of a weakened IT, data loss prevention, and information security environment, where a majority of employees are working from home.