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The Convergence of AI and Data Privacy in eDiscovery: Using AI and Analytics to Identify Personal Information


Law & Candor co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell kick things off with Sightings of Radical Brilliance, in which they discuss the challenges and implications of misinformation around voting in the U.S.

In this episode, Bill and Rob are joined by John Del Piero of Lighthouse. The three of them discuss how PII and PHI can be identified more efficiently by leveraging tools like AI and analytics via the following questions:

  • Why is it important to identify PII and PHI within larger volumes of data quickly?
  • How can AI and analytics help to identify PII and PHI more efficiently?
  • What are the key benefits of using these tools?
  • Are there any best practices to put in place for those looking to weave AI and analytics into their workflow?

In conclusion, our co-hosts end the episode with key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe here, rate us on Apple and Stitcher, join in the conversation on Twitter, and discover more about our speakers and the show here.

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