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Prioritizing Information Governance and Risk Strategy for a Dynamic Economic Climate


As we continue to grapple with a strange and unpredictable economic environment, establishing your legal and information governance priorities can be daunting. While directing investment and energy into the most urgent matters is a reflex during a down economy, neglecting more long-term data issues and risk can be detrimental. How do you balance these interests with already strapped resources?

Lica Patterson, Senior Director of Global Advisory Services at Lighthouse, joins the podcast to discuss how assessing short and long-term risk can inform a more strategic information governance program. She also shares how the right technology and teams contribute to accomplishing goals and evolving your program.

This episode's sighting of radical brilliance: 3 trends will shape the future of work, according to Microsoft’s CEO, World Economic Forum, February 10, 2023.

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About the Author

As Senior Director for Global Advisory Services, Lica is responsible for leading and developing US Advisory’s technical consulting and project management groups, including defining the vision and driving widespread consensus on the direction of the organization. In her role, Lica oversees the successful execution of advisory engagements while partnering with clients to successfully navigate compliance, data management, information governance, regulatory, privacy and eDiscovery challenges. Lica has over 18 years of professional services experience leading technology solutions delivery around systems integration, custom application development, migration, enterprise resource planning and continuous process improvement for Federal, State and Local Government and Private Sector clients.

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