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A Journey from One to All in Legal with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our hosts begin the show with another Sighting of Radical Brilliance, an article in Forbes about one of the most powerful sources of big data your company already owns.

Then, Reem Saffouri, Vice President of Clients Solutions and Success at Lighthouse, joins the podcast to share her personal journey and discuss how individuals can create greater equity and inclusion at work, in their industry, and beyond. Here are some of the key questions they dive into:

  • Although it’s a seemingly simple act, why don’t more people share their personal experiences and why is it so important for DEI efforts? 
  • Hearing about structural challenges to DEI can be intimidating and somewhat demoralizing. But along with sharing personal experiences what can individuals do to champion DEI at their organizations? 
  • There are nuances and specific solutions that work in each industry for improving equity and inclusion. What are you seeing in legal and legal tech that’s moving the needle?
  • As you look to the future, what aspects of DEI are you hoping to impact? 

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About the Author

As Vice President of Client Solutions & Success, Reem leans on 20 years of experience in law firms, legal technology and eDiscovery services to partner with clients on designing, developing and deploying unified, defensible and effective eDiscovery Programs. Leveraging her diverse background, Reem has led organizations in transforming their client journey with fanatical focus on client experience, advocacy and success—maximizing ROI for clients through the intersection of people, technology and process. Reem is committed to a people focused culture that fosters engagement and cross-functional collaboration internally with employees and simultaneously with clients. Leading with empathy, she prioritizes creating space for the voice of every team member, encouraging them to be their authentic and whole selves at work—supporting individual career goals while balancing overall business, team and client objectives. Throughout her career, Reem has actively engaged in DE&I efforts with unwavering passion around advocating for, and mentoring, women and colleagues from underrepresented communities. She has led in-house initiatives focused on women in leadership, intentional inclusion of minority groups, and extending community service beyond the workplace—as well as participating in organizations supporting similar initiatives.

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